State Bank of Pakistan declare Bitcoin and OneCoin illegal, FIA decided to takes action.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) ready to takes action against Bit coin and One Coin.

According to the Pakistan’s news channels, Statement Bank of Pakistan declares that Bitcoin and OneCoin illegal. In the statement of State bank, Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) decided to takes action against Bitcoin and OneCoin in Pakistan.

Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) also revealed that they take action in Lahore and later across the country. Not only Pakistan, many other countries including, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia and few other countries already completely banned just because of potential in money laundering and tax evasion.

Now Pakistan also going to take action against Bitcoin and OneCoin. A week ago, OneCoin surrounded its inception. The promoters of OneCoin were fined 2.6 million euros in Italy. Now the OneCoin completely banned in banned in Germany and India also declared it a Ponzi Scheme.

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