Surprisingly Gold Plated Toilets In Governor House Murree Worth 6 Million

Surprisingly Gold Plated Toilets In Governor House Murree Worth 6 Million

Pakistan is the underdeveloped country, where millions of people even don’t have a shelter or food for feed their hungry tummy. According to the reports over 20 Million People who are living in Slums or have no shelter on their heads, 20 million is not just a random figure but its a 10% of over total population. And at this situation over governor house, Murree has been refurbished at cost of Rs.600 Million or 60 crores, according to the senator or PPP Member Sherry Rehman.

She wants to highlight the thoughtless spending of government. And she shows to the public that how their elected government do. They chose to upgrade his lavish vacation house using public funds & The millions of people are just worried to feed their hungry children.


The difference between rich and poor increasing day by day.  And these spendings are the main reason behind the poverty issue. The government even don’t look at the poor’s problem and they spend public funds on their homes.

Every Year before the budget is proposed there is always an increase of budget for the PM and President Offices and houses when the budget is announced. PM and President House budget allocations get an increment every year, And There is only 7% of total budget for education from 2009.










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