Rawalpindi car guy alert: Rawalpindi’s traffic police start a campaign against black paper windows.

Rawalpindi traffic police just started a campaign against the Unregistered cars, Fake number plates, and tinted windows in Rawalpindi.

According to the new updates, Rawalpindi has just started a campaign against the unregistered cars in Rawalpindi. Now the tinted windows car owners also alert that the Traffic Police would be removed the tinted papers.

If your car has black paper windows or little tinted, then your car may stop at the check post and they will remove your black papers from the windows. The campaign just started in the Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

CTO Yousaf Ali Shahid stated that,
The use of vehicles with tinted glasses will be prohibited in the city. He also added that strict actions will be taken against those violating the law and no one will be spared from the law. The vehicles with black windows will not only be confiscated from the owners but heavy fines will also be imposed if you commit the violation.
He further added that there is no relaxation for anyone in the city, the every violation will be treated equally. Rawalpindi Traffic Police also take actions against the violation of excessive smoke and use of pressure horns.

But the Point is that these are the rules are only for the common man, there are no rules for the VIPs. VIP’s continue to roam freely with tinted windows. You can also observe that no one take action against them. The campaign against tinted windows ensures that all are treated according to with the law.

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