Zong introduce latest 4G internet packages, Daily package, Weekly package, Monthly package.

Zong is Pakistan’s largest telecom network company and the first 4G services provider in Pakistan. They offer the best SMS, call, internet packages to its customers. Recently they introduce its latest 4G internet packages for its customers including, Daily 4G internet package, Weekly 4G internet package, Monthly 4G internet package. They provide the best network services in Pakistan.

Zong Internet packages

Here are the complete details of latest 4G internet packages:

Daily Mini:

Volume: 20 MB

Validity:1 Day

Price: Rs.5

Daily Basic:

Volume: 100 MB

Validity:1 Day

Price: Rs.15

Daily Premium: 

Volume: 200 MB

Validity:1 Day

Price: Rs.25

Weekly Package:

Volume: 700 MB

Validity:7 Day

Price: Rs.70

Monthly Mini:

Volume: 150 MB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.50

Monthly Basic:

Volume: 500 MB

Validity:30 Days

Price: Rs.150

Monthly Premium 2 GB: 

Volume: 2 GB

Validity:30 Days

Price: Rs.300

Monthly Premium 4 GB:

Volume: 4 GB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.500

Monthly Premium Plus 10 GB:

Volume: 10 GB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.1800

Zong Monthly Premium Plus 20 GB:

Volume: 20 GB

Validity:30 Day

Price: Rs.3500

Simply just choose the package by dialing *6464#.

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