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9 Things that Newly MoMs must know about

Bring a whole new human in this world obviously mom’s deserve a Medal. Life with newborn not as easy as we think before. Because it is a life time duty and it never end even your will have their own kids. If you are becoming mother for the very first time here are something to keep in your mind

1- No Sleep:

Being a Mom is full-time and a Life-Time job. you’ll have no vacations, no break, no weekend just you and your duties and alot of noise pollution. IF you don’t have sleep last few nights this is none of your child’d business

2- Trust yourself:

As the time passes your confidence level goes up and make decisions by your self

3- Its ok to be little bit crazy:

Sleep-less nights, 24 hour duty and having no vacations, and annoying noise makes you little bit crazy and its ok

4- When you just think now you are perfect mom your baby decides to realise that you are not:

As your baby grow up moms think now they are doing perfect and everything going well, no not at all kids are always having something to quiz you. No-body is perfect so stop trying hard.

5- No Me Time:

Well this is your right to have some “Me time”. Although babies always need you but its ok to left him or her with grandparents and have some time for you

6- Have some time with your husband:

Well baby is your first duty but husband always needs your attention. So try to plan some dates and something that make you both together.

7- Plan your child’s life-path:

Which pre-school your baby will go? what is a saving plan? Don’t you decided anything yet? No problem your baby teach you each and everything

8- Stop worrying about your looks or house is mess all the time:

Babies are not as perfect as we are. Its ok if house is not clean all the time and you don’t give proper time to your self. After all Its baby’s home.

9- Live the way you want:

Always give some free time to yourself and your kids. Its ok if you take some fast food with kids or live in messy room. it will release stress.

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