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A Complete Comparison & Analysis Between Careem and Uber

Careem and Uber are the Famous Ride Hailing in Pakistan. Both companies lunch in Pakistan last year and they rule in the country. These companies make users life ease, Users are much happy with these services they just use their smartphone to grab the ride and it comes to your doorstep.

Both services are striving hard to ease their customers with the best service quality by offering them affordable and secure services. so this is the time to make a comparison and look which one is going on fast and what are the facts behind the success.


Here we can compare the careem and uber according to factors one by one.


As we all know or heard that careem is a little bit expensive then uber, Usually my Collages told me that careem is the expensive then uber because they use in daily basis. but one thing they always said careem have the standard of service quality maybe that’s why it’s expensive. Let have look on Price.

A Complete Comparison & Analysis Between Careem and Uber



A Complete Comparison & Analysis Between Careem and Uber


The Low-cost Uber has following fares:

  1. Base Fare: Rs.65
  2. Per Minute: Rs.3
  3. Per Km: Rs.5
  4. Cancellation Fee: Rs.90
  5. Service Fees: Rs.0
  6. Minimum Fare: Rs.90


UnderMini has small cars with somehow less prices:

  • Base Fare: Rs.50
  • Per Minute: Rs.2.50
  • Per Km: Rs.4
  • Cancellation Fee: Rs.90
  • Service Fees: Rs.0
  • Minimum Fare: Rs.75

Uber Mini is such a relief for those who are really tired of high ride fares. Mini Uber is now the famous ride in nowadays but it going to damage uber’s reputation because sometimes Uber mini was more than 30 minutes away. It shows that Uber has less drivers so they fail to provide better service hence getting down day by day.

on the other hand, Careem has a different kind of ride Taxi, GO, GO Plus & Business Cars. and these are easily available within no time. Their Taxi service is seldom available however rest all the cars readily arrive at your destination in minutes.

2.Price Surcharge vs Peak Factor:

From last few month, we observe that Uber and Careem facing the criticism due to price surcharges which in return make fares higher. Craeem gets more Caption and vehicle to kill their peak time and when it comes to Uber situation is even worse as most of the times their cars are not available.

Careem also introduced its monthly packages recently. it becomes easier and cheaper or reasonable for its customers. Monthly service introduced by Careem is more economical and doesn’t include peak surcharges also.


3.Coverage Areas of Uber and Careem Services:

Careem and uber are not available in all over the Pakistan it has some specific areas that these two services cover them. Careem Covers only some areas of Karachi but its also available in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Hyderabad, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot, and Abbottabad. Uber Covers Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala Areas.

4.Mapping System of Careem & Uber:

Most of the time people face the mapping problem in both services. But somehow Careem’s Map was counted as a correct Map. but sometimes customers face the problem of what the app shows the ride in 5mintus away and it comes after20 or 30 minutes the customers waiting or maybe cancel the ride. on the other hand, Uber  Maps also does not show right pin location. Even their drivers don’t have any idea of the drop off location due to which they call customers to ask their destination which sometimes annoys customers.

Final Review:

Now after huge discussion we concluded that the careem has better pricing, nice deals, and fairly reliable service bring it on the top. Careem availability and their back to back packages make its reputation in success.

On the Other hand, Uber have cheap rates but its unavailability makes customers disappointed with zero marketing strategy and no customer service centers. So I will put it in the second position.


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