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Finally, First Digital Wallet is launched in Pakistan by FINCA

Pakistan’s fattest growing microfinance bank “FINCA” launched Pakistan’s first ever Digital Wallet and dream finally comes true. Launch Event was held at Mohatta Palace Karachi. It was attended by major industry stakeholders, government officials, artists, tech enthusiasts and media personnel.

SIMSIM is a Mobile App was developed with the partnership of FINJA. It enable people to make friction-less payments and romours claim that in near future we can also seek and buy the insurance. It also connect you to other banks in Pakistan through Link-1 for cash transfer. Now you can easily transfer cash with SimSim.

While Expressing Iniciative Executive Director BPRG, State Bank of Pakistan, Syed Irfan Ali stated that,

The efforts of the SimSim team should be commended for creating a platform which offers ease of access to financial services. In particular, it has minimized the need of transaction fee policy which will encourage increased usage of digital financial services at the consumer end. It is also important for all digital service providers to pay special attention to customer protection rights and customer data protection when deploying new products and services in the evolving space of digital financial service.

Andrée Simon, Chief Executive Officer of FINCA Impact Finance said that:

SimSim will enable FINCA Pakistan to broaden its reach to multiple consumer segment including financially un-served and under-served customer segments in a sustainable manner by enabling smartphone users to instantly open a mobile wallet with FINCA and transact digitally.

Mr. M Mudassar Aqil, CEO of FINCA Microfinance Bank Limited.

SimSim, we believe, will transform and improve the lives of people by giving them financial identity and the power to change their lives.

Qasif Shahid, CEO of FINJA, said that,

SimSim is not just an app but is a free payment movement to transform Pakistan. Come join this movement and break free!

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