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Google Allo Is Finally Launch for Web Portal, But Only For Android Users

Google launched its “Google Allo” App last year as a competitor of  Watsup for IOS & Android users. Goole Allo is basically a Chat like Watup. it is more comfortable for the emails. it will help users to make plans, find information, and express yourself more comfortable in chat. and Now Google Allo is Available in on web portal but only for Android users.

To get the Google Allo App on your desktop Simply follow these easy steps and get your App on your desktop. for getting Goole Allo on desktop users must have the latest version of Google Allo, then you can open the menu on the left side of the app. select Allo for the desktop then visit the allo.google.com/web on your computer. then it presented with a QR code on your computer & then it will scan your mobile and send you a QR Code then you will enter the QR code and enjoy your Allo on your desktop just like Watsup.

Web Google Allo is same just like on a smartphone you can chat, send messages, emojis change your chat themes etc. but there is a few limitation on Web portal Allo, you can never send GIFs to your friends.  you can also don’t whisper message either.

this app is currently only for Android users but they are working for IOS users and will launch soon

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