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Hamza Ali Abbasi Call Ahmed Ali Butt A “Item Boy” And Ahmed Gives Him The Best Replay Ever

Item Song is the One of the most important thing in movies now a days. Item songs hits many movies now Item songs are also coming in Pakistan and over Pakistani’s never disappoint his audience. The Recent Item Song “Kaif o suror”  from “NA MALOOM AFRAD” Is most popular song these days. There is one more item song which gets popularity these days “24/7 lakh” from movie “Punjab ni jaon gi”

The Item number from “PUNJAB NI JAON GI” “24/7 LAKH” Released from few days back. In This Item number Urwa and Ahmed Ali Butt dance very well. here is the vido of the song 24/7 LAKH.

No doubt the song was nice and dance was also good, but here’s the Hamza Ali Abbasi who always share his views on social media, couples of days back he tweet about “KAIF O SUROR” and now this time he directly hit Ahmed Ali Butt. here’s what he had to say:

This time Ahmed Ali Butt was the Hamza Ali Abbasi’s Target, He directly point him and label him “ITEM BOY”. here is the Ahmed Ali Butt’s Response on This Statment:

“I was actually very surprised to see the reaction over my moves. I mean I have danced before and this was just another song Nadeem wanted me to do. Shabeen (choreographer) was very clear with what she wanted from us and knew exactly what I was capable of. But I didn’t know I was going to be labeled as an ITEM BOY! I guess I’m honored :)”

He also said:

“ITEM songs ke duniya main tabdeli aa nahi rahi, tabdele aa gai hay”

“Hamza has every right to express his point of view just as I have the right not to agree with him when I don’t. However, he is against vulgarity and I truly support him for that. People use vulgarity when they have a weak film on their hands. But yes, I’m all in favor of art, dance, and women who actually pour their heart and soul into their performance.”

“As for ‘24/7′, it’s not an item song. It’s a shaadi song,” he added.

“The word ITEM is such a cliché. Please go watch our old BW films; we used to have songs shot in bars and parties all the time and they were called ‘Glamour Songs’ back then. They brought a sense of glamor to the film if needed.”

he also talk about the importance of these songs, he said: “I think if you need an ITEM SONG in your film because it’s the demand of the story then, by all means, GO WITH IT. But if you just want to show flesh and get controversial mileage for your film then HAMZA will be there. :)” 

I think after Ahmed’s statement Hamza is now clear the difference Between Item number and the Shaadi song, what you guys think about this cross conversation of Ahmed & Hamza. let us know your views

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