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Only Mahira Khan Stood Up In Support of Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid #Harassment

Only Mahira Khan Stood Up In Support of Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid #Harassment

Last week, the Oscar winner Sharmeen Obaid trolled a lot on the social media. She trolled over harassment allegations. The doctor of AKUH Doctor has four children and lost his job just because of sending a friend request on Facebook to Sharmeen Obaid’s sister.

But in that case, people still supporting the doctor on social media. People and many famous celebrities also shared their opinions on social media about this incident. 

Ushna Shah Speaks Out Against Harassment on Facebook, Here’s what she posted on Facebook,

When a woman goes to a male doctor, especially in Pakistan- she is blindly trusting and hoping against hope that when he is examining her, her body is simply a medical subject. She is a patient and he is looking at her, touching her, speaking to her as if she is a patient and nothing more. There is a filter on his eyes set by his years in med-school. When he goes out of his way to look her up, that filter is broken. He wants to know her as a person, as a woman. Which MEANS, when he touched her and examined her, she wasn’t a patient, she was a woman and she did NOT sign up for that.

That being said, I’ve been harassed by my Endocrinologist from South City AND my physiotherapist in Lahore. I stopped going to both of them because I was uncomfortable. That’s effing inconvenient because they’re both supposedly the best in their fields.

So men who are getting pissed off and anti-feminist “cool girls” trying to impress those men with equally pseudo-enraged statuses, think hard at what this news regarding Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s sister represents. Think hard at what this facebook adding doctor represents and think hard about the world you want your daughters living in.

Pakistani actress, Mahira Khan was also shared her opinion about the incident in an interview on Geo News on Monday. She also promote her new movie “Verna”.

People feel jealous, LOL

Mahira Khan added about the Sharmeen Obaid incident, she said that, 

If you have power to utilize a platform for good then you should. A doctor who takes your info and then adds you on a social media platform is breaking a code of conduct…it is unprofessional. Faceless people talking about things harshly, abusing you and your family does take its toll, no matter how famous you are. These are keyboard terrorists. 

Here are the interview of Mahira Khan on Geo News Channel on Monday,

ملالہ یوسف زئی پر حملے اور مغربی سازش کے الزامات کی حقیقت…! جس سرجن نے ملالہ کا انٹرویو کیا اُس نے بھی حقیقت بیان کر دی؛ سازشی نظریے بنانے والے حقیقت دیکھ لیں…!!! مزیدجاننے کے لیےابھی دیکھیے | goo.gl/PTDt4vhttps://facebook.com/Geo.ASKKS/#GeoNews

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