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Latest Telenor 3G internet Packages Hourly, Daily, 3Days, Weekly & Monthly

The Internet is today’s basic need because everyone wants to keep in touch with their loved one.in Pakistan, many telecom companies offer different internet packages.telenor is most knowing telecom company not only in Pakistan but also in abroad.Telenor offers different 3g internet packages from last 3 years and also introduce more exciting packages time to time.here we look at some new low rates internet packages of Telenor some hourly, daily, 3days, weekly and monthly packages.


3G Hourly  Package:

  1. Hourly 3G Bundle: In Only RS.6 use 500MBs for 1Hour for subscription dial *345*981#


Daily 3G Packages:

  1. Unlimited 3G Bundle: In only RS.9.56/-use 1GB for 1 Day for subscription Dial *345*139#
  2. Daily 3G Bundle: In only RS.15/- Use 75MBs for 1 days for subscription Dial *345*131#

3-Day 3G Package:

  1. 3-Day 3G Bundle: In only RS.35/- Use 200MBs plus 200MB free for facebook for 3 Days for subscription simply dial *345*133#

Weekly 3G Packages:

  1. Weekly 3G Plus Bundle: In only RS.100/Use 1200MBs for 7 Days for subscription Dial*345*164#
  2. Weekly Unlimited Daytime 3G Bundle: In only RS.47.80/-Use 7GB for 7Days for subscription dial *345*144#

Monthly 3G Packages:

  1. Monthly 3G Starter Bundle: In only RS.300/- use 2,250MBs for 30Days for subscription dial*345*935#
  2. Monthly Plus 3G Bundle: In only RS.1,195/- Use 10,500MBs for 30Days for subscription Dial *345*136#

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