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Here Are List Of Top 5 Ugliest Cars Of 2017

Ugliest Innovations in Auto Industry will shock you, Here is the List of Top 5 Ugliest Car of 2017.


Every Year Auto Industry gets new innovation. Auto Industry upgrades their innovation every year with amazing designs, features, and innovative driving mechanisms.

The best Auto Manufacturing design game wins Audi almost every year, with their futuristic and beautiful vehicles and other brands such as Toyota, KIA, and Honda are upping their design and satisfied their customers, and won the millions of heart world widely.

On the other hand, there are millions of poor design vehicles that exist with tasteless and awful design,  after watching these vehicles you must think twice that whats wrong with these cars, and why they design these cars so ugly, Here are the List of top 10 ugliest

Here Are List Of Top 5 Ugliest Cars Of 2017

1.Toyota Pixis:

Toyota Pixis is one of the top listed ugliest cars of 2017, the buyer must think twice before buying this car, But this car is no doubt the friendly comfy car especially for those how to have kids and want to a big car.


2.Mitsubishi i-MiEV:

Mitsubishi i-Miev is one of the cars which is designed by for daily use. As of today, everyone is switching to fuel and space efficient cars. and if you are looking for these type of cars then this is the best one, But we also not ignore its outlook because it’s not the good looking car.

3.Nissan Juke:


You were sitting tight for this one would you say you weren’t? This heap of terrible is a decent case of a top of the line multinational producer frantically attempting to win the “Ugly Award”.Shows how successful their times of auto-production encounter joined with the best level outline group can be.

4.Toyota Prius:

The legendary lunchbox – though probably the most efficient car in the world – received a new futuristic update and a design that screams “electricity runs in my veins!” – no Prius, you look electrically stupid. A reviewer hilariously remarked

In contrast to its predecessor’s agreeable, techy-hatch design, the fourth-generation Prius has an aesthetic that could make children cry. The face combines fang-shaped headlights with awkward concavities and sudden edges. Not to be outdone, the rear is a hodgepodge of head-scratchers. Those taillights alone might qualify a car for this list.

5.Suzuki Hustler:

The square-shaped expansion is the Suzuki Hustler. The plan deceives drivers into believing that a hugely top of the line SUV is moving toward them from a separation, yet do expect a laugh or two when you get nearer to them while driving this coffin.

The headlights are molded along these lines to enhance the Hustler’s forcefulness to frighten away close-by vehicles.



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