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PIA Started Islamabad to Gwader Flights With CPEC In Mind

Pakitan International Airline is started work for its better services and trying to get back the time when PIA was the one of the best Airline in the world. Now PIA has started the direct flight from Islamabad to Gwadar to gain financial stability and reduce losses.

PIA Has been facing tough years and facing a serious crisis in terms of profits. And now PIA has decided to start a Direct flight from Islamabad to Gwadar has been undertaken considering the importance of CPEC and benefiting from it.

PIA’s Chief Executive Officer:

The CEO of PIA Musharraf Rasool Cyan recently interviewed and told us that coming 2 3 years will be the good years for PIA.Musharraf Rasool Cyan was appointed in Sep 2017  and hope that he will restore the glory of PIA as once a well-known Airline.

The CEO was so determined and said the lot of hard work restore the PIA profit and Islamabad to Gawader flight is the first step. He also Said that if we do a hard work PIA gets back his old position. Islamabad to Gwadar flight will be started in Dec 2018.

Mr.Rasool CEO also commented on the importance of Islamabad new Airport, He said that the new airport is the HUB for travelers. he said that the new Islamabad airport will play an important role in increasing the tourist-based of Pakistan. He said that PIA will use the new airport to make it a hub for travelers from China, Europe, Africa and Asia Pacific countries.

According to CEO that the PIA establish its new booth and office funded by government Rs 13.5 billion. The commercial bank also funded the sovereign guarantee. CEO told us that this funds will be used for engine maintenance work and other maintenance work.

The Chief Executive Officer trusts that the new airplane terminal is uplifting news for PIA as it will help in its rebuilding. The aircraft as of now has 52 goals and is set to add one more to it.

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