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Skype Blocks In UAE Due to Unlicensed VoIP Calls

Skype is an important source of text messaging and Skype is also very popular among people and is acting as an easy medium to make voice and video calls via the Internet. People connecting with their loved one through Skype even they not only hear the voice but also see them in the video.

UAE Blocks Skype Due To Unlicensed VoIP Calls

UAE recently blocks Skype due to unlicensed VoIP calls. UAE Blocks Skype due to Unlicensed VoIP Calls. According to rumors the UAE based telecom company, Etisalat replace Skype, UAE Users were facing disruptions in this messaging service from last one week and the voice & video calls also have some distractions.

Etisalat said in a statement:

The access to the Skype app is blocked since it is providing unlicensed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service, which falls under the classification of prohibited contents as per the United Arab Emirates’ Regulatory Framework,

Here Is The Skype Reaction:

It has been brought to our attention that our website and services have been blocked by the ISPs in the UAE. That means you won’t be able to use Skype in the UAE.

UAE also block Snapchat & Watsup due to voice over internet protocol. It seems that UAE government is very particular over this issue. So most of the social messaging services are not working in UAE and people facing troubles to talk to their loved one.

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