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Social Media Wrongfully blame A Innocent Person for Zainab’s Murdered

Today Social media is the biggest power, If no one able to do anything social media is done that impossible thing very smoothly, but there is also a dark site of Social media. And here is the example of it.

Last few days the social media was on fire on Zainab’s topics. everyone on social media was using #justiceforzainab. And every one was sorrow pray for her parents and also for Zainab. During these times, people need someone to blame and to let their anger and rage out on someone. But they forget that might be he is the innocent person or after this blam its life may be ruined.

Social Media Wrongfully blame An Innocent Person

Yesterday, the police released a working sketch of the suspect and people were quick to share it over social media. During all this, someone spotted a guy named Waseem Khattak, and without a second thought, started sharing his photo over social media.

After watching the CCTV footage everyone is searching that person but someone wrongly indicates an innocent person without any solid evidence. Many people shared the photo of Waseem without any solid evidence linking him to the crime. Waseem responded with a video clarifying that he isn’t the murderer and that he is a resident of Rawalpindi.

Waseem Khattak Video He Clarify Himself



Waseem Khattak’s Response:

Waseem says that he is a follower of Tahir ul Qadri and has been following Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) for as far back as 10 years. He told that he and different individuals from the gathering went to the airplane terminal to get Zainab’s folks. They were guided by the gathering to get them and put them on transport to Lahore. When they met Zainab’s folks at the airplane terminal, somebody took the photograph and began sharing it via web-based networking media.

Out of the blue, the post became famous online guaranteeing that Waseem is the executioner. He was wrongfully confined as offering a similarity to the individual in the portray. Waseem told that he is an inhabitant of Rawalpindi and at present Vice President of PAT Youth Wing Rawalpindi.

He cleared up that he has nothing to do with Zainab’s executing. He said that individuals who shared the post ought to be embarrassed about themselves. Waseem said in the video that he and his gathering have been persistently and conflicting with shamefulness in the society.

Social Media is a good source but its also our responsibility that we have to careful while sharing the posts, unverified posted especially in that sensitive cases we have to share very carefully.

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