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Telenor 4G Internet Packages Daily, 3Days, weekly & Monthly

whenever we talk about best mobile internet then the first name comes in mind is Telenor no doubt Telenor gives us best service in lowest rates.Telenor introduces 4G Internet on 23 April 2014 in Pakistan.telenor has some amazing offers for the 4G internet. Telenor has the internet offers in all categories hourly, daily, 3days, weekly, monthly for his customer’s ease. let’s have a look.


Daily 4G Internet Package:

  1. 4G DAILY LITE BUNDLE:  In only Rs. 12.00/- Incl. Tax use 50Mbs for subscription *345*141#
  2. 4G Daily Bundle: In only RS.15+Tax use 75MBfor subscription Daily *345*131#

3 Day 4G Internet Package:

  1. 4G 3 DAY BUNDLE: In only Rs. 35.00 Incl. Tax use 200MB + Free 200MB for Facebook for subscription dial *345*133#

Weekly 4G Internet Packages:

  1. Unlimited 2GB: In only RS.70+Tax use 2GB from 1 AM to 7 PM full week  for subscription dial *345*144#
  2. 4G Weekly Bundle: In only RS.75+Tax use  750MB for subscription *345*134#

Monthly 4G Internet Package:


  1. Monthly Plus: In only RS.1,195+tax use  10, 500 MB i.e. 10GB for 30 Days for subscription dial *345*136#
  2. 4G Monthly Bundle: In only RS.478+tax use 4GB Monthly for subscription dial *345*135#
  3. Monthly Starter: in only RS.300+tax use  2.250MB Monthly for subscription dial *345*935#

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