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5 Things Youth should avoide this 14 August Jashan e Azadi

Another August is here and every Pakistani is excited about another Jashan e Azadi. Well, we celebrate independence day every year but this time there is something special. Pakistan completing its 70 years. This is good to celebrate the independence day this is a sign of living nation. But there are some things we should avoid during celebrations and stop them to become a tradition.

The youth of Pakistan planning to show their excitement on the roads of every 14th August, the irrespective of their celebrations are really not acceptable including, One Wheeling on roads, Fire Crackers, Aerial Firing, Noise Population, and Road Blocks. It is the most dangerious, annoying and irritatin things that youngsters can do on 14th August.

No One Wheeling:


One wheeling is insanely dangerous for you and other’s life. This is not even the way to show your patriotism. Your life is much much expensive for you and your family. Care about it.

No Fire Crackers:

Another harmful act which also becoming a tradition of this event. First of all it creates so much noise, any patients, aged folks and infants would be disturbed. Secondly it is so much dangerous for yourself also. it can be exploit in your hand or effect your body.

No Aerial Firing:

Well this is very Unpleasant and non serious act of some youngsters they think it is a cool way to celebrate your independence day. And what kind of message dose it brings?

No Noise Pollution:

Silencer free bikes, Loud music in cars, fire crackers, firing makes so much noise. Just think about Patients and aged people. how much they get irritated.

No Road Blocks:

Another non-serious act of our youth we often saw on 13th August. It makes so many hurdles for everyone. Any ambulance can be stuck and it could be very dangerous.

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