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This E-Commerce Startup Is Changing the Way We Shop

This E-Commerce Startup Is Changing the Way We Shop

Despite all its perks and conveniences, online shopping can be a frustrating experience. Other than the issues of reliability and trust, finding the right products and prices can be a highly time-consuming task.

For most of us, when we decide to purchase something online, we embark on a journey to find the right online store. This involves finding the product that we are looking for, determining if our variety of product is available there, and the best price for the product. Basically, when choosing an online store, it boils down to the pricing and availability of products, and the reliability of the online store itself.

However, with the massive rise in the e-commerce industry in Pakistan, we now have a lot of choices for online stores. There is no point to browse through various online stores if they don’t have what we need, or at the price that we are looking for.

No one likes to leave behind a good bargain. But, the real challenge is to find such bargains online. Many of us will spend countless hours online to find products at the lowest price. An e-commerce startup is looking to change this though.

The startup, Pakistanistores, is reconceptualizing how we find products online. Having launched in early 2018, the startup has already gained much popularity because of its usefulness.

About Pakistanistores:

Pakistanistores is a one-of-its-kind product search engine. It automates the process of searching, filtering, and sorting products from various online stores so that you don’t have to put in the effort.

The idea is simple: if you automate the boring part of visiting and searching products on multiple online stores, the process of finding products becomes much quicker.

As of this writing, Pakistanistores curates products from 37 online stores in Pakistan. The reason that the startup does not go after every online store out there is that it aims to deliver reliable and trustworthy products to the customers.

The search engine makes use of a machine learning algorithm that gathers, categorizes, and sorts products on its own. This is what makes the search engine super quick and efficient.

From a customer’s perspective, Pakistanistores is the single place where you can find information about products from various online shopping websites. The process of finding products and their prices becomes much easier with the search engine.

How Pakistanistores Benefits Customers and Vendors:

  • Saves you the time and effort: Rather than having to manually search through each online store, the search engine automates the process for us. With a single click, we can find the information that we would have otherwise found through hundreds of searches and clicks. Therefore, using the product search engine can reduce the time required to find a product significantly.
  • Greater variety of stores: Most of us have a good know-how about at most 7 – 10 online stores. In reality, there are many other stores than these. When searching on our own, or through Google, the boundary of our search is limited to the most popular online stores only. Pakistanistores enables us to search for a greater variety of products across 37 different shopping websites. Often, this can lead to us finding products or prices that we were never expecting in the first place.
  • Helps you stand out: For online merchants and vendors, the E-Commerce industry is a highly competitive environment. A great way to market yourself for free and reach out to thousands of users is by getting yourself listed on Pakistanistores. This will not only help vendors and merchants reach out to wider audiences but will significantly boost their online sales as well.


A State Bank of Pakistan reports that there are over 905 online merchants in Pakistan. The E-Commerce industry is booming but this also means there is a much greater variety to choose from. Due to the fierce competition, online stores are constantly changing their prices and increasing their volume of products.

For customers, this makes the buying journey much more difficult since it is much more frustrating and time-consuming to find the right products and prices now. For vendors, it is a challenge to stand out from everyone else.

The startup, Pakistanistores, aims to solve these challenges by providing us with a product search engine that can help find the best products and lowest prices quickly and conveniently – all with a single click!

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