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Top 5 Best Private School In Faisalabad

Top 5 Best Private School In Faisalabad

The third most populous city of Pakistan, Faisalabad is settled in the eastern province of Punjab, and the habitat of Punjabi-speaking people, The education system is progressing day by day in Faisalabad, as the city believes in moving forward on the way of success. To make the dream of becoming educated nation, Faisalabad is playing a big role to enlighten students along with four levels of the education system in the city. Here we discuss the Top 5 Best private schools in Faisalabad.


Top 5 Best Private School In Faisalabad

1.Faisalabad Grammar School:

Faisalabad Grammar School is a private school in Faisalabad located at FGS, Koh-e-Noor City, Faisalabad. Admissions are open from Montessori to intermediate level and students bring good results also which added its fame among the top 10 schools in Faisalabad.

2.Beacon house School System:

Beacon house school has maintained its various branches in all over Pakistan including Faisalabad too. This is one of the top 10 schools in Faisalabad that is located on different points in Faisalabad. This is a semi-government English Medium school that offer admissions from Montessori class to Matric and O levels.

3.Allied School Faisalabad:

One of the second top school in Faisalabad is  The Allied school that is located in Peoples colony Faisalabad. This is a private school that produces 100% results every year under the English Medium criterion of studies. Admissions are open in Allied School Faisalabad and you can take admission from playgroup to matric.

4.City Cadet School Faisalabad:

If you want your child to join in Army, NAVY or Air Force and want him to make punctual and prepared for that purpose then you just have to take admission in city cadet School Faisalabad. This is a military based school located in people’s colony Faisalabad.

5.Little Angles School Faisalabad:

This private type school in Faisalabad departing a quality education from playgroup to matric. It contains a well-structured building of various departments and highly qualified teachers who depart educations to each of this student to make them able to face the future hurdles.


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