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7-Year-Old Zainab’s Murderer Resembling Man Arrested In Lahore

As you all know about the 7-Year-old Zainab Case. 6-Year-old innocent girls were raped and brutally murdered after rape in Kasur. After the incident, everyone on social media our celebrity, politicians & everyone in the country came out for the justice of innocent little angel. Yesterday the Lahore police arrest a man who has resemblance with Zainab’s Murderer. Police arrest the suspect from Lahore and after their investigation the handover him to JIT.


Zainab’s Murderer Resembling Man Arrested In Lahore

The Man is in Police custody, it is reported that the man was arrested from Bhatta Chowk, & He has the same resembles the person who was in the CCTV footage, taking Zainab moments before her demise.



The Lahore police say that the man was to close resemblance of the suspect in the sketches and the footage but they are not sure that either he is the culprit or not.

The unidentified man was handover to the Joint Investigation Team(JIT) which was specially assigned to Zainab’s murder case. JIT undertake the DNA test to verify that the man is in custody was the really a culprit or he is the innocent.

The Culprit’s Mobilephone was indicating that the Man was in Kasur, Zainab’s Hometown where the heinous crime took place.

A few days ago Police released the sketch of the suspect. which looks like this

Zainab’s Case Background:

Zainab is the 6-Year-Old little princess who was raped and murdered in Kasur a few days ago.  She went to the tuition from her aunt’s home and never come back to home. Her parents were in “Makkah” to perfome Ummerha. She was kidnapped and missing for 2-3 days after 3 days police found her dead body from heaps of trash on a roadside in the Kasur area of Punjab. The whole nation mourned, as people went to the streets and social media to demand justice for the little angel. The government take an immediate action assigned a JIT and make sure that the culprit will be caught as soon as possible.

The man who was in the custody will investigate properly according to the sources. And after the DNA result, they expose that either he is the suspect or not.but whoever he is we all want to hang him because Such sick individuals do not deserve to roam freely, and the authorities for their part, must keep such people off the streets to ensure our children’s safety.

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